1. If every job paid $50,000 a year & you had no physical or mental limitations what would you do?
I would be an architect. I would design the most awesome, extravagant, amazing skyscrapers in the world (they would be beautiful too).

2. What is your current church calling? What do you like about it? What have some of your other callings been?
My current church calling in 1st Counselor in the Young Women's Presidency. I love it!!! I love working with Rochelle, who is our President. She is such an awesome person. I also love working with the girls. They inspire me to be a better person. Some other callings I have had are Primary Chorister, Relief Society Teacher (I taught the lesson out of the Ensign), Cub Scout Master, & Valiant Boys Teacher.

3. Name a person you regularly encounter (outside your family) who brightens your day.
I would have to say Heather. Every time I see her she is so friendly & concerned with the things that are or aren't happening in my life. She is a sweetie!

4. In twenty years, what do you think you will miss most about your life right now?
My darling, sweet, innocent, young, stinky, naughty, mess making, noisy little girls.

5. What's something you appreciate about your spouse?
Whenever I need him to take the girls to school because Alivia just fell to sleep or pick up some milk because the girls & I look completely homeless he does. That is one very nice thing about being the boss. It usually only takes a phone call & he's off running around town for me. Thanks Brayd!

6. What is your favorite routine, household chore?
I would have to say vacuuming. It's pretty effortless & the results are amazing. Even if there is still dust on every surface, it's not quite as noticeable after I've vacuumed.

7. What's a book you turn to occasionally (besides the scriptures)?
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is one of my favorites. If I get in one of those "what else could possibly go wrong now" ruts, I turn to it to adjust my thinking & everything seems to get right back on track.

8. What is your favorite small pleasure?
Lately, just sitting down with a good book after everyone else is asleep. It allows me to escape from the everyday hullabaloo of life.

9. What is your favorite time of day?
As soon as Braydan gets home from work we are all just happier therefore making it the best time of the day.

10. Name a person who performed what they thought was a small act of service, but ended up being a big deal to you?
My Grandma Buchanan is the most awesome person on the face of the earth. She has a heart as big as a house & is constantly giving from it. To say that she has performed small acts of service would be a complete understatement. She has done everything from my MOUNTAINS of laundry to watching my girls every single Friday while I get paperwork done for the store. She is always there for me, no matter what, when I really need someone. I love her more than anything & appreciate her sooooo much!!!
Also, Ann Marie Miller is probably one of the most selfless people I know. Whenever I was out of town & needed someone to lead the music in Primary she would, no questions asked. And believe me that position is one that NO ONE volunteers for, even if they know your in a bind & can lead music. She also helped hold my posters every single time the kids would have to sing in Sacrament or anywhere else for that matter. She is an awesome person!!

11. Name someone who somehow changed your life.
Dr. Julia Meyer changed my life. She was my neurologist when I was diagnosed with epilepsy. She put me on WAY too much medication & almost overdosed me. The reason being is because she never, ever listened. Every time I would go in for my routine appointment, she would up the dose of my medications (yes, that was plural). After my "almost overdose" episode, I decided to take control of my life in every aspect. The next time I saw her, I told her to tell me how to go off my medications safely & that I wouldn't be back nor would I ever recommend her. That moment changed my life.

12. Consider what you do each day. Think of one attribute or trait that you bring to your daily work that is a strength-what is something you do really well?
I'm very thorough (my family calls it slow, also known as OCD). Weather I'm cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping (even writing the grocery list), packing for a trip, bathing my kids, etc., etc., etc., I get it done & I'm proud to say I do a DANG GOOD JOB!!!

Now here's who I tag...Danyette, Jami, Tami, Rochelle, Heather, & Tiff. Happy pondering!!!


Butler Family said...

What a great post! That left me with one of those feel good, warm fuzzy moments! And that's just what I needed today - Thanks!

Rhiannon said...

Hi Misty! Your little girls are beautiful! It's so much fun to find people's blogs to see what they are up to.

Heather said...

Thanks Misty. That was such a nice comment. I will get to this tag. I promise. I think it is neat one. It might take me a couple days or a couple weeks. Ha!! See ya soon.

Zack and Victoria said...

Misty your little girls are adorable!!! Its so fun to find people and see how their lives have changed. Good luck with the opening this weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

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