Addison & Hannah posing for the camera at preschool graduation. Addison making sand castles at Pebble Beach in Carmel.
Some "crazy ladies" who know how to have fun & imitate their favorite Eclipse characters in the movie theatre after watching the feature film!
Ainsley showing off her first missing tooth.
Alivia swinging the bat at the pinata.
Ainsley sliding down the slip-n-slide & being a dork.
Alivia cheesing it at the cabin.
A darling pic of my favorite grandma of all times & her sweet brother & sisters.
My 3 sweeties having a ball doing some dishes that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher.


2 WORDS...

Super Cute!!!



What a whirlwind summer we've had. I can't believe I didn't post one single thing we did during that time. Already we're back to school, back to routines, & still amidst the craziness.

Here's a rundown of what we've been up to since I posted last.

Sometime in May...I agreed to help coach the high school cheerleaders this year & started 6 am practices. Early!

May 19th-21st...Ainsley & Addison had Dynamite Cheer tryouts. Go Dynamite!

May 27th...We celebrated Alivia's 2nd Birthday at the Hogle Zoo. Fun times!

May 31st...We celebrated Ainsley's 6th Birthday Ariel style at home with lots of friends. Unforgettable!

June 1st...Addison started cheer. Fun!

June 3rd...Ainsley started cheer. Fun!

June 6th-13th...We traveled to Carmel, California to open Burns Cowboy Shop. Hard work!

June 15th...We found out I was pregnant with our 4th child. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

June 20th...Ainsley spoke in sacrament for the first time for Father's Day. So proud!

June 23rd...I went in for an ultrasound & found out I was 12 weeks + 5 days pregnant. What the...?!?

June 29th-July 1st...The high school cheerleaders put on their annual Mini Cheer Clinic which Ainsley & Addi participated in. Super fun!


June 30th...We (Myself, Danyette, Brittnie, Mom, Tiffany, Bree, Dani H., Rochelle, Jordan, Dani C., Jaymee, Tania, Kylie, & Danielle) went to Eclipse at the newly renovated Richfield Theatre. Awesome!

July 1st...We, Dani & I, surprised Danyette with a scrap day to celebrate her 30th birthday a little early. What a blast! Later, Tweeb & I surprised her with a huge surprise birthday party where we ate & visited with friends & family into the night. Unforgettable!!!

July 3rd...We celebrated the 4th of July in traditional Salina style. Love it!


July 8th...We celebrated my birthday with family. Memorable!

July 9th & 10th...We had youth conference for the Young Women & Young Men. Wonderful!

July 16th...I went in for another ultrasound to see how the baby was doing & found out IT'S ANOTHER GIRL. Seriously!

July 17th...We had our annual Shaw Family Party. So fun! Later I went to the temple with the youth & did baptisms for the dead. Loved it!

July 19th...I took a car full of high school cheerleaders to Cheer Camp at the University of Utah. Cute girls!

July 22nd...I made it up to the U of U to watch the cheerleaders perform for camp champs. They rocked it out, taking 1st with their home pom & 4th in the extreme routine. Way to go!

July 28th-30th...I went to girls camp with my young women & had a ball. Fun times!

August 5th-8th...We went to 7 Peaks with Grandma Mick then headed to Park City to play & shop with the Quarnberg's for the weekend. Crazy!

August 13th...We headed up the mountain to the Shaw Family Reunion & ate yummy food & visited with lots of family. Nice!

August 14th...We headed up the other mountain to the Peterson Family Reunion & ate yummy food & visited with lots of family. Nice!

August 17th-19th...Ainsley had cheer camp & loved it. Proud!

August 23rd...I had another ultrasound to confirm that the baby is definitely a GIRL.

August 25th...Ainsley started 1st grade which she absolutely LOVES. I miss her & am looking for her all day long. Sob!

August 29th...Ainsley, Addison, & I spoke in sacrament. They did great therefore I didn't need to. Ha!

September 1st...Addison started her "last first day of preschool". That's what she told me while I was doing her hair. Hilarious!

September 2nd...Alivia went to her first day of preschool & didn't quit raving about it all day. Adorable!

We have been super busy but wouldn't have it any other way. More posts with pics to come, I promise.



Ainsley Marie is officially graduated from kindergarten. She had the best teacher ever, Mrs. Sunnie Brown. We, meaning Ainley & I, just loved her. Now in a few short months, she'll be off to all day school. Crazy!
Last night, while I was going through my nightly routine Braydan & Alivia were snuggling in our bed. All of a sudden I heard a tiny, high pitched voice say, "Koo koo, Koo koo!" I went into the bedroom to see what they were doing & I found both of them huddling under the covers giggling. Braydan whispered, "Are we hiding from Mommy?" And Liv answered back in her quiet voice & said, "Yes. Hide Mommy. Shh Daddy. Koo koo, Koo koo!" Then she threw off the covers & laughed. What a kid! Brayd claims this was all her idea & if he's telling me the truth, which I'm certain he is, she is stinkin' hilarious.



I love Mothers Day! With 3 adorable little girls & a comedian for a husband, I get hugs & kisses all day, awesome homemade gifts, & hysterical cards that make me giggle every time I think about them. But this year was slightly different. Ainsley & Addison decided to make me breakfast which I think was an innocent plea as to what they expect for breakfast from now on. You can make your own assumptions.



Yesterday I had a bunch of errands to run so my darling grandma offered to watch my girls (I love her). When we pulled into her house I noticed all her lovely tulips & daffodils. I immediately thought, "Those are not going to be safe any longer. My girls will have every single last one picked by the time I get back." I was so right with my assumption.

Aren't they gorgeous? They are my early Mother's Day gift from the girls. At least that's what they told me. I really love them! I really love the girls too!



Carmel, California.
Braydan & I had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Carmel. We haven't been there in a long time & it was nice to visit again. Our reason for traveling to this tourist hot spot was to scope out the location of our newest venture. We will be opening another Burns Cowboy Shop in this quaint little building which sits right on Ocean Avenue. It is perfect!!!
Here are some other reasons why I love this place.

Oh yea, one more OBVIOUS reason.
I can't wait to visit again soon. Lucky me!



Who: Addison (4 years), Edward (100+ years), Bella (17 years) & Ainsley (5 years)
What: Easter
Where: Home
Why: Just Because



Have some of you been wondering why I haven't posted pics lately? Well let me tell you why. A couple of months ago my computer crashed & had to be overhauled. I'm unsure what was even done but I do know that when my computer came back I had NOTHING left on my desktop. We, mainly Braydan, has slowly been uploading my software programs back onto my computer but we, meaning Braydan, has failed to get my camera program on. I know, I know, you're all thinking, "Well why can't you do it?" I've actually been thinking that myself lately & I really don't know why I haven't just done it. I'm certain I could figure it out. It's probably a matter of sticking in the disc & clicking next, next, next, finish or something ridiculous like that. I am sick of posting without pics so if I get time today I WILL DO IT!!! If not, I'll do it tomorrow.



Last night Alivia was nestled in her usual spot for bedtime, right between Braydan & I, when she turned towards me, grabbed either side of my face & whispered, "Mom, essimos!" Then she proceeded to give me Eskimo kisses. That was it. Then she was sound to sleep, dreaming of all those things little princesses dream of. I just love her!



I love when I am able to glimpse something that makes my face turn up into a giant smile.

Today we went & climbed the sand hills in search of "treasure" & Alivia climbed up the little hill all by herself, threw her hands in the air, & shouted, "Mom, I did it!" That made me smile.

Today Addison was jumping on the trampoline when I looked over to see her practicing her awesome toe jumps. That made me smile.

Today Ainsley led her little sisters in a cheer on the front lawn while I watched from the bench on the front porch. That made me smile.

I love my little girls & the simple things they do to make me smile every day.



I have been thinking about this question quite frequently lately as I seem to have no time, let me rephrase that, as I seem to make no time to blog. Let's weigh my thoughts, shall we?

First, I really love blogging.
Second, I love writing, especially about the things that matter to me.
Third, I love hearing from all my awesome family members & friends who leave comments for me.
Fourth, I love remembering the little things that I know I would've forgotten because I actually blogged them.
Fifth, I love keeping in touch with all of you. I feel like I still know you & if I were to see you it would be just like "old times".
Sixth, I love being able to share my frustrations & triumphs with people. I guess it makes me feel a little less CRAZY than I know I really am.
Seventh, I love laughing at things I have written in the past. It makes me smile.
Eighth, I love when Brayd comes home from work & says, "I read your post today."
Ninth, I love when Danyette calls or texts me to let me know she has posted so I can check it out.
Tenth, I love focusing my energy & thoughts on the stuff that is worth remembering in order to blog it. It makes those rough times disappear.

So what is to come of my blog? I guess ALOT more posts, hopefully!!!



Yesterday I sat down on the couch for a few minutes before starting dinner with Ainsley & Addison, who were watching a movie & began to read. About 5 minutes after I had started to read Ainsley said, "Mom, why are you reading?" I turned to her & said, "Because I like to read. One day when you are big you will like it too." She just looked at me for a minute then said, "Well, when I'm big I will play with my kids more so they don't bother me while I'm trying to read!"

Can't a Mom have just 15 minutes to escape into some other world? That's all I ask, 15 minutes!!



Do you ever wonder when life is going to start slowing down, just a little bit?

Do you ever wonder how your kids can be the most adorable, silly, funny little things one second & the next be the most terrible, whiny little stinkers ever?

Do you ever wonder why there are ALWAYS 3 batches of laundry waiting to be washed by you & only you every single day?

Do you ever wonder what you're going to make for dinner?

Do you ever wonder how the whole house can be destroyed in a matter of minutes?

Do you ever wonder if having a full time job is easier than being a full time Mom?

Do you ever wonder if the things you say to the people who mean the most really sink in?

Do you ever wonder what our little ones will have to face when they are 14 years old?

Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking as he watches you through the window?

Do you ever wonder what it's like in Italy right now?

I do!



Since I wrote last, we have experienced alot of firsts in our family. At the first of September I was called to be the Young Women's President in our ward. Aaaahhhh!!! This has proven to be a very stressful, overwhelming, time consuming, wonderful, rewarding calling. Definitely a FIRST. I was able, along with my Mom, my sister Britt & my very best friend Rochelle, to pull off the coolest surprise baby shower ever. Danyette received 2 gigantic boxes full of great gifts from all of her family & friends unknowingly. A very successful FIRST. I, along with the much appreciated help of my other very best friend Tiff, was able to purchase, package & send out 100 Christmas gifts to Burns Saddlery & Burns Cowboy Shop customers. Glad that's over FIRST. Ainsley spells & reads just about anything if she sounds it out. A very proud Mommy FIRST. The girls & I flew across the country without our Daddy to see the Gladwells. A surprisingly pleasant FIRST. My sis, Danyette had the most adorable little baby BOY which we (the girls & I) were able to be there for. As most of you know, Trey is the FIRST boy on the Stewart side in 2 generations. While in Tennessee we attended our FIRST NHL game. Alivia asked Addison, "Where are you?", her FIRST question. Ainsley, Addison & I went ice skating for the FIRST time with the Young Women & Young Men of our ward. Fun FIRST! We opened another store in Park City one week before Christmas. Can you say CRAZY?!? Three locations, another FIRST. Ains & Addi were in their very FIRST cheer competition & they took 1st place!! That very same day we had to take Addison to the doctor to experience her FIRST stitches, 6 in all through 3 layers of tissue right along her left eyebrow. Sad, horrible, not recommended FIRST.

I look forward to many more FIRSTS in my life & am so grateful to have experienced these FIRSTS thus far. To FIRSTS!!!