SERIOUSLY!!! This would have to be the fourth picture in my fourth file (nice). So here are the details...

Who: Misty
What: (What was I thinking when I saved this picture?!?)
When: 8+ Months Pregnant with Livvy Loo Hoo (May 3, 2008)
Where: Lagoon
Why: Hope's 7th Birthday Party/Dance Competition
(By the way, this picture is courtesy of Ainsley Marie Shaw. That is probably the only reason I saved this picture in the first place.)

Here are the rules: Post the 4th picture in your 4th file & tag four people. Easy as pie (Where did that expression come from, pie is not easy to make. At least not for me!!).
Who do I tag: Tami, Dawn, Heather, & Dani


Dawn Rae said...

Seriously....you are the tag queen! I also tagged you once last week that you haven't answered...I guess you are just popular! Love ya, Dawn

The Milletts said...

OK I asked for pictures of you that didn't mean you were supposed to tag me!!!! I LOVE the pic by the way! We went to my Mom's house yesterday but didn't get a chance to call or drop in maybe next time!!!!! You're awesome I miss you!!!
Later Tam