So here's the story... Last week for family home evening Braydan & I decided to take the girls to the pumpkin patch in Elsinore like we do every year. I loaded Ains, Addi, & Alivia up in the car, stopped at the store to pick up Brayd & headed to the freeway for the 35 minute drive. We pulled into Elsinore searching for the GIANT sign that is always there & never found it. But we knew where to go, we didn't need any sign! So we turned at the usual road & headed down the long, narrow street that leads to the infamous "pumpkin patch", only when we arrived there were no pumpkins, no people, no tractors with flatbeds hooked to them, & no train. Needless to say, the girls were a bit devastated. In fact, so were we. We headed down the back road next to all the fields hoping to spot a pumpkin & never found one so we decided to head to Richfield in hopes of finding a different patch. No luck there either. Being the parents we are, Brayd & I felt completely guilty for not finding a pumpkin patch, having "talked it up" all day long & opted to take the girls to Wal Mart (Ainsley suggested this as we drove past) where they picked out their bedtime prizes. They were happy again & that's all that mattered. But Brayd & I were still puzzled. Where did the pumpkin patch go? There has to be one somewhere in Sevier County, right?

Well I knew that Alicia & Trent had gone to the pumpkin patch recently thanks to the post on their blog so I decided to give her a call. Alicia preceded to tell me that the pumpkin patch was STILL IN ELSINORE, it was just at the complete opposite end of town. She was totally right, I would have never found it if it wasn't for her (THANKS A MILLION!!!). So finally on Tuesday, Brayd & I took the girls to the pumpkin patch (again). We always have a blast searching the field for the perfect pumpkins. Ainsley likes to find pumpkins that no one else would love (seriously, they are always the ugliest, deformed things in the entire field). Addison likes tiny, perfectly shaped pumpkins. And of course, Alivia likes whatever Ains & Addi pick for her. This year Destiny, Rylan, Jacy Jo, & Tegan tagged along too. We had a ton of fun & can't wait to go next year.

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