Since I wrote last, we have experienced alot of firsts in our family. At the first of September I was called to be the Young Women's President in our ward. Aaaahhhh!!! This has proven to be a very stressful, overwhelming, time consuming, wonderful, rewarding calling. Definitely a FIRST. I was able, along with my Mom, my sister Britt & my very best friend Rochelle, to pull off the coolest surprise baby shower ever. Danyette received 2 gigantic boxes full of great gifts from all of her family & friends unknowingly. A very successful FIRST. I, along with the much appreciated help of my other very best friend Tiff, was able to purchase, package & send out 100 Christmas gifts to Burns Saddlery & Burns Cowboy Shop customers. Glad that's over FIRST. Ainsley spells & reads just about anything if she sounds it out. A very proud Mommy FIRST. The girls & I flew across the country without our Daddy to see the Gladwells. A surprisingly pleasant FIRST. My sis, Danyette had the most adorable little baby BOY which we (the girls & I) were able to be there for. As most of you know, Trey is the FIRST boy on the Stewart side in 2 generations. While in Tennessee we attended our FIRST NHL game. Alivia asked Addison, "Where are you?", her FIRST question. Ainsley, Addison & I went ice skating for the FIRST time with the Young Women & Young Men of our ward. Fun FIRST! We opened another store in Park City one week before Christmas. Can you say CRAZY?!? Three locations, another FIRST. Ains & Addi were in their very FIRST cheer competition & they took 1st place!! That very same day we had to take Addison to the doctor to experience her FIRST stitches, 6 in all through 3 layers of tissue right along her left eyebrow. Sad, horrible, not recommended FIRST.

I look forward to many more FIRSTS in my life & am so grateful to have experienced these FIRSTS thus far. To FIRSTS!!!