Ainsley Marie is officially graduated from kindergarten. She had the best teacher ever, Mrs. Sunnie Brown. We, meaning Ainley & I, just loved her. Now in a few short months, she'll be off to all day school. Crazy!
Last night, while I was going through my nightly routine Braydan & Alivia were snuggling in our bed. All of a sudden I heard a tiny, high pitched voice say, "Koo koo, Koo koo!" I went into the bedroom to see what they were doing & I found both of them huddling under the covers giggling. Braydan whispered, "Are we hiding from Mommy?" And Liv answered back in her quiet voice & said, "Yes. Hide Mommy. Shh Daddy. Koo koo, Koo koo!" Then she threw off the covers & laughed. What a kid! Brayd claims this was all her idea & if he's telling me the truth, which I'm certain he is, she is stinkin' hilarious.



I love Mothers Day! With 3 adorable little girls & a comedian for a husband, I get hugs & kisses all day, awesome homemade gifts, & hysterical cards that make me giggle every time I think about them. But this year was slightly different. Ainsley & Addison decided to make me breakfast which I think was an innocent plea as to what they expect for breakfast from now on. You can make your own assumptions.



Yesterday I had a bunch of errands to run so my darling grandma offered to watch my girls (I love her). When we pulled into her house I noticed all her lovely tulips & daffodils. I immediately thought, "Those are not going to be safe any longer. My girls will have every single last one picked by the time I get back." I was so right with my assumption.

Aren't they gorgeous? They are my early Mother's Day gift from the girls. At least that's what they told me. I really love them! I really love the girls too!



Carmel, California.
Braydan & I had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Carmel. We haven't been there in a long time & it was nice to visit again. Our reason for traveling to this tourist hot spot was to scope out the location of our newest venture. We will be opening another Burns Cowboy Shop in this quaint little building which sits right on Ocean Avenue. It is perfect!!!
Here are some other reasons why I love this place.

Oh yea, one more OBVIOUS reason.
I can't wait to visit again soon. Lucky me!