As you know, we are in the middle of opening up a new store called Burns Cowboy Shop in Park City. We have spent ALOT of time up there getting the store ready to open. During the month of September the girls & I would stay with my Mom in Springville which is an hour drive from Park City. It was certainly no fun to drive that every night after a long, hard days work with three tired, cranky girls screaming in the back seat. Braydan & the boys would actually stay upstairs at the store which at the time was absolutely filthy & disgusting. Believe me, when I say filthy & disgusting that is putting it mildly. I honestly don't think that place had been cleaned in years. But a couple of weeks ago Scott & Danna found the perfect home away from home. It is newly remodeled condo that sits on a golf course & is completely furnished. We absolutely love it!!! It is just a short distance from the store & in an awesome neighborhood.
What more could we ask for?!? We have truly been blessed.


Kim said...

You know the layout of that place looks exactly like the condo we stayed at over the summer with my fam. It was on a golf course too. It's probably the same place! Very nice.

Eric and Brooke said...

What is Britt's due date? Just curious and trying to keep up.

Tweeb and Danyette said...

Cool, it is fun to see what you have been talking about. It looks really nice. That is so nice that you do not have to drive to moms everynight or stay in a hotel. One day I will post pictures of my house too (I know I have been saying that for 2 months, but I really will).

Tweeb and Danyette said...

Oh yeah and tell Britt thanks for taking another picture for me. She is seriously sooo cute pregnant. Ellie said that she wants to watch her baby, she still prays for brittnies belly every single day in every single prayer(yes even the food prayer and if she forgets then she has to say another one). She is obviously very excited for a new cousin.