Our little Liv is two months old already, how time flies. Already in her short life she has traveled to Fishlake, Young Womens Camp (Frying Pan), Disneyland, & Sea World. She's been to The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian & Wall-E. She's been to lunch with the girls & to Utah county numerous times to shop. She is quite the world traveler for her age. Alivia had her two month check up today & weighed in at 10 pounds 3 ounces & measured 23 1/2 inches long. She is doing so well & she has been such a joy in our family. We can't wait to see her personality develop. We love you Liv.



On July 15th we strapped the kids in the car, the stroller on the roof (literally), & headed to Disneyland & Sea World. We were able to go with all of Braydan's family which made it alot of fun. When we finally arrived, the kids found out our rooms adjoined. They were so excited. Every morning Rylan or Jacy would knock on our door & say "Hey guys, open the door!" Of course, most days we were running a little later than they were so our girls were always yelling something like, "My moms naked, we can't open the door!" or "My dads on the pot, wait a second!" Our neighbors in the room next to us probabely enjoyed the honest information our kids were so eager to scream out at 7:30 in the morning.

The kids had a blast riding all the rides & experiencing the "magic" of Disneyland. I'm certain Ainsley's favorite ride in the park was the teacups from Alice in Wonderland although she really liked Dumbo & Peter Pan. Addison loved Dumbo & wanted to ride it over & over but she loved meeting Minnie Mouse the most because Minnie gave her kiss. Alivia rode Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh. She loved both of them & was the happiest baby ever. There was also a new ride in California Adventure that we all loved. It was Toy Story 2 Midway Mania & believe me, it was a blast. I know this was Braydan's favorite ride because it was interactive, 3d, & he got to shoot things. What more could he ask for?!?

We were able to spend one day in Sea World with 35,000 other people. It was tons of fun, ha ha!! All of the kids really enjoyed the shows, they just didn't enjoy the crowds. We only stayed for about three hours & headed back to the motel. We can't wait to go back to experience all that Sea World has to offer someday.

We were so glad Braydan's family postponed this trip so we could enjoy it with them. It was fun & we can't wait to go again.


On Tuesday, July 8th Tweeb, Danyette, Hope, Ellie, & Mya left Salina for Fairview, Tennessee. Tweeb is pursuing his life dream to become a country music star. We admire & are amazed at their faith in a prompting from our Father in Heaven. We wish Tweeb the very best & know he is where he is supposed to be at this time in his life. We love them dearly & miss them greatly.