It has been a whirlwind September & October. Braydan, the Girls, & I have spent most of our time in Park City getting everything done in the new store. But it is almost over. Burns Cowboy Shop is opening this Saturday. Wow!!! I really can't believe it is happening.

Burns Saddlery has always been just that, Burns Saddlery. Sure it has changed names once, locations five times (of course that doesn't count all the places we have been with our vending trailers in the last 8 years), & owners five times (all of those owners were Grandfathers, except Mom that is). I am proud of where we are right now, on the brink of bigger & better things. It is exciting to be expanding the family business. My heart is full & I am extremely grateful for all that my family & myself have been blessed with. But most of all, I can't wait to take it all in, relax, enjoy, & just BREATHE.



1. If every job paid $50,000 a year & you had no physical or mental limitations what would you do?
I would be an architect. I would design the most awesome, extravagant, amazing skyscrapers in the world (they would be beautiful too).

2. What is your current church calling? What do you like about it? What have some of your other callings been?
My current church calling in 1st Counselor in the Young Women's Presidency. I love it!!! I love working with Rochelle, who is our President. She is such an awesome person. I also love working with the girls. They inspire me to be a better person. Some other callings I have had are Primary Chorister, Relief Society Teacher (I taught the lesson out of the Ensign), Cub Scout Master, & Valiant Boys Teacher.

3. Name a person you regularly encounter (outside your family) who brightens your day.
I would have to say Heather. Every time I see her she is so friendly & concerned with the things that are or aren't happening in my life. She is a sweetie!

4. In twenty years, what do you think you will miss most about your life right now?
My darling, sweet, innocent, young, stinky, naughty, mess making, noisy little girls.

5. What's something you appreciate about your spouse?
Whenever I need him to take the girls to school because Alivia just fell to sleep or pick up some milk because the girls & I look completely homeless he does. That is one very nice thing about being the boss. It usually only takes a phone call & he's off running around town for me. Thanks Brayd!

6. What is your favorite routine, household chore?
I would have to say vacuuming. It's pretty effortless & the results are amazing. Even if there is still dust on every surface, it's not quite as noticeable after I've vacuumed.

7. What's a book you turn to occasionally (besides the scriptures)?
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is one of my favorites. If I get in one of those "what else could possibly go wrong now" ruts, I turn to it to adjust my thinking & everything seems to get right back on track.

8. What is your favorite small pleasure?
Lately, just sitting down with a good book after everyone else is asleep. It allows me to escape from the everyday hullabaloo of life.

9. What is your favorite time of day?
As soon as Braydan gets home from work we are all just happier therefore making it the best time of the day.

10. Name a person who performed what they thought was a small act of service, but ended up being a big deal to you?
My Grandma Buchanan is the most awesome person on the face of the earth. She has a heart as big as a house & is constantly giving from it. To say that she has performed small acts of service would be a complete understatement. She has done everything from my MOUNTAINS of laundry to watching my girls every single Friday while I get paperwork done for the store. She is always there for me, no matter what, when I really need someone. I love her more than anything & appreciate her sooooo much!!!
Also, Ann Marie Miller is probably one of the most selfless people I know. Whenever I was out of town & needed someone to lead the music in Primary she would, no questions asked. And believe me that position is one that NO ONE volunteers for, even if they know your in a bind & can lead music. She also helped hold my posters every single time the kids would have to sing in Sacrament or anywhere else for that matter. She is an awesome person!!

11. Name someone who somehow changed your life.
Dr. Julia Meyer changed my life. She was my neurologist when I was diagnosed with epilepsy. She put me on WAY too much medication & almost overdosed me. The reason being is because she never, ever listened. Every time I would go in for my routine appointment, she would up the dose of my medications (yes, that was plural). After my "almost overdose" episode, I decided to take control of my life in every aspect. The next time I saw her, I told her to tell me how to go off my medications safely & that I wouldn't be back nor would I ever recommend her. That moment changed my life.

12. Consider what you do each day. Think of one attribute or trait that you bring to your daily work that is a strength-what is something you do really well?
I'm very thorough (my family calls it slow, also known as OCD). Weather I'm cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping (even writing the grocery list), packing for a trip, bathing my kids, etc., etc., etc., I get it done & I'm proud to say I do a DANG GOOD JOB!!!

Now here's who I tag...Danyette, Jami, Tami, Rochelle, Heather, & Tiff. Happy pondering!!!


So here's the story... Last week for family home evening Braydan & I decided to take the girls to the pumpkin patch in Elsinore like we do every year. I loaded Ains, Addi, & Alivia up in the car, stopped at the store to pick up Brayd & headed to the freeway for the 35 minute drive. We pulled into Elsinore searching for the GIANT sign that is always there & never found it. But we knew where to go, we didn't need any sign! So we turned at the usual road & headed down the long, narrow street that leads to the infamous "pumpkin patch", only when we arrived there were no pumpkins, no people, no tractors with flatbeds hooked to them, & no train. Needless to say, the girls were a bit devastated. In fact, so were we. We headed down the back road next to all the fields hoping to spot a pumpkin & never found one so we decided to head to Richfield in hopes of finding a different patch. No luck there either. Being the parents we are, Brayd & I felt completely guilty for not finding a pumpkin patch, having "talked it up" all day long & opted to take the girls to Wal Mart (Ainsley suggested this as we drove past) where they picked out their bedtime prizes. They were happy again & that's all that mattered. But Brayd & I were still puzzled. Where did the pumpkin patch go? There has to be one somewhere in Sevier County, right?

Well I knew that Alicia & Trent had gone to the pumpkin patch recently thanks to the post on their blog so I decided to give her a call. Alicia preceded to tell me that the pumpkin patch was STILL IN ELSINORE, it was just at the complete opposite end of town. She was totally right, I would have never found it if it wasn't for her (THANKS A MILLION!!!). So finally on Tuesday, Brayd & I took the girls to the pumpkin patch (again). We always have a blast searching the field for the perfect pumpkins. Ainsley likes to find pumpkins that no one else would love (seriously, they are always the ugliest, deformed things in the entire field). Addison likes tiny, perfectly shaped pumpkins. And of course, Alivia likes whatever Ains & Addi pick for her. This year Destiny, Rylan, Jacy Jo, & Tegan tagged along too. We had a ton of fun & can't wait to go next year.



SERIOUSLY!!! This would have to be the fourth picture in my fourth file (nice). So here are the details...

Who: Misty
What: (What was I thinking when I saved this picture?!?)
When: 8+ Months Pregnant with Livvy Loo Hoo (May 3, 2008)
Where: Lagoon
Why: Hope's 7th Birthday Party/Dance Competition
(By the way, this picture is courtesy of Ainsley Marie Shaw. That is probably the only reason I saved this picture in the first place.)

Here are the rules: Post the 4th picture in your 4th file & tag four people. Easy as pie (Where did that expression come from, pie is not easy to make. At least not for me!!).
Who do I tag: Tami, Dawn, Heather, & Dani


So most of you know Alivia & I were in an accident up Provo Canyon last Sunday. I thought I would post pictures of the damaged goods. Fortunately you will not be seeing a picture of either Liv or I (no damage there).

Everyone keeps saying we were really lucky to have been driving the truck rather than the Explorer. I think everyone is right!! Thank goodness we were so blessed & weren't hurt a bit. Too bad the truck didn't fair as well as we did.



As you know, we are in the middle of opening up a new store called Burns Cowboy Shop in Park City. We have spent ALOT of time up there getting the store ready to open. During the month of September the girls & I would stay with my Mom in Springville which is an hour drive from Park City. It was certainly no fun to drive that every night after a long, hard days work with three tired, cranky girls screaming in the back seat. Braydan & the boys would actually stay upstairs at the store which at the time was absolutely filthy & disgusting. Believe me, when I say filthy & disgusting that is putting it mildly. I honestly don't think that place had been cleaned in years. But a couple of weeks ago Scott & Danna found the perfect home away from home. It is newly remodeled condo that sits on a golf course & is completely furnished. We absolutely love it!!! It is just a short distance from the store & in an awesome neighborhood.
What more could we ask for?!? We have truly been blessed.



Yes, yes, yes another tag!!! I guess that's what I get for being away from home & my computer for a week, although I really don't mind. It's fun to reflect.

8 TV Shows I Like To Watch...

1. Oprah
2. What Not to Wear
3. Flip That House
4. The Big Idea (L..O..V..E.. it!!!)
5. Mad Money (Braydan got me hooked, although we don't watch it much because we are usually watching Spongebob.)
6. HGTV (pretty much any show)
7. Grey's Anatomy (even though I've only watched one episode this season due to the absolute control my children have over the TV)
8. Planet Earth (I own this series & it ROCKS!!!)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday...

1. Alivia & I were in a car accident up Provo Canyon. (Yeah, I know!! I totally demolished our truck but we are completely fine. We walked away with no cuts, bumps or bruises, just a few aches.)
2. Unfortunately, due to the accident, I got a ticket.
3. Froze to death in Park City, a chilly 29 degrees.
4. Washed down some walls at the new store. (By the way, the name of our new store is Burns Cowboy Shop.)
5. Had a bowl of tomato soup & a grilled cheese for lunch. (mmmm, good!)
6. Alivia & I snuggled up on the couch at the condo & had a nap. (We definitely deserved it.)
7. Watched Halloween cartoons with Ains & Addi.
8. Read some of my book, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski.

8 Favorite Places To Eat...

1. El Mexicano
2. Cafe Rio
3. Steve's Steakhouse
4. The Palomino
5. Texas Roadhouse
6. Red Robin
7. PF Chang's
8. The California Pizza Kitchen

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To...

1. Some long awaited ALONE time with my husband (you know, overnight somewhere without a nursing infant).
2. A trip to see the Gladwell's in good 'ol Tennessee. I miss them so much!!!
3. The grand opening of Burns Cowboy Shop in Park City. (I am seriously so excited about this. It all seems so surreal right now.)
4. Scrapbooking with my friends.
5. A time when I don't have to clean up after everyone (I had to steal that one from you Jam because it is soooooo true).
6. Accounts Payable to be at a ZERO balance (I'm getting closer, yay!!!)
7. My basement to be completely finished (SERIOUSLY)!!!
8. Alivia's first word (I'm hoping for mama!).

8 Things On My Wish List...

1. An exotic vacation with my hubby.
2. An entirely new wardrobe.
3. A new car, preferably a Buick Enclave with all the bells & whistles.
4. A beautifully landscaped yard.
5. A maid (you know you want one too).
6. No phone calls for just ONE day.
7. A fun & exciting family vacation.
8. For my family to always remain safe, healthy, & happy.

8 People I Tag...

1. Heather
2. Tiff
3. Tami
4. Dawn
5. Dani
6. Rochelle
7. Amy
8. Tanya


Yes, another tag!!!

1. Where did you first meet your husband? Officially, in Mrs. Jacobsen's 4th grade class. I've known him most of my life because we are the same age in school & have always been friends.

2. How long did you date before you got married? Four years (whoa), we were high school sweethearts.

3. How long have you been married? Nine years last May.

4. What does he do to surprise you? Nothing surprises me with him anymore. I know him too well.

5. What is your favorite feature? His smile.
6. What is your favorite quality? His dedication to his work (although sometimes I wish he weren't so dedicated).

7. Does he have a nickname for you? Nope.

8. What is his favorite food? Bread of any kind, shape, or size but don't even think of spreading butter on it or he won't get within 10 feet of it.

9. What is his favorite sport? Hunting or Team Roping, although he doesn't do either as much as he would like. He also loves softball, basketball, & football too.

10. When & where was your first kiss? On my back porch after a school dance (sweet).

11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Anything, just as long as we are together.

12. Do you have any children? Yes we do! We have three absolutely adorable little girls; Ainsley, 4 years, Addison, 2 years, & Alivia, 4 months.

13. Does he have any hidden talents? He is AWESOME at making a sell. Seriously, he could sell gum off of your shoe he's so good.

14. How old is he? 29

15. Who said I love you first? He did.

16. What is his favorite music? I really don't know that he prefers one genre over another. He likes alot of stuff; country, rock, pop, alternative (some), rap (some), & even classical.

17. What do you admire most about him? He is always willing to help anybody with anything, even if he doesn't know them that well & if it might make him feel uncomfortable (he's pretty shy). He is such a giver!!!

18. What is his favorite color? Blue

19. Will he read this? Probably

Who do you tag? Heather, Tami, Dawn


7 Things I Can Do...

1. Pay Bills
2. Clean
3. Play With My Girls
4. Blog
5. Scrapbook
6. Paint
7. Negotiate Deals with Vendors

7 Things I Can't Do...

1. Fold the pile of laundry that ALWAYS exists in some corner of my bedroom.
2. Answer every single phone call I get in a day.
3. Sew
4. Keep the toy room clean.
5. Take time out for myself.
6. Catch anything that is thrown at me. (seriously, it is a rare occasion when I actually make a catch)
7. Drive on snowy roads apparently!!! (ha ha)

7 Things That Attracted Me to Braydan...

1. His sense of humor
2. His smile
3. His gentlemanlike qualities (can we say R..E..S..P..E..C..T)
4. He spoiled me (took me to lunch everyday, bought me flowers all the time, helped me with my homework, etc., etc., etc....)
5. His kisses
6. His laugh
7. His ability to ALWAYS make me feel good even when I thought it wasn't possible.

7 Things I Say Most Often...

1. "Seriously..."
2. "Be careful girls!"
3. "I love you too!"
4. "Girls, stop it please!"
5. "How's my punker monker?"
6. "You're a silly goober head!"
7. "Shh..."

7 People I Admire...

1. I admire my Grandma Buchanan soooo much because she has more energy at 80+ years than anyone I know.
2. I admire Braydan because he is so dedicated to his work & is awesome at what he does.
3. I admire my mother in law, Danna for teaching me that I can have anything I want, need, or desire as long as I focus on it & have unwavering faith.
4. I admire President Monson for his ability to lead, guide, & direct the Lords Church here on earth today.
5. I admire Rochelle (YW's President) because she ROCKS.
6. I admire my young women because they have such strong testimonies & are such awesome examples to me & my little girls.
7. I admire Ains, Addi, & Alivia for their darling personalities & their awesome ability to ALWAYS amaze me.

7 Favorite Foods...

1. Tomato Sandwiches
2. Stroganauf
3. Sugar Cookies (homemade of course)
4. Mexican Food
5. Fruit (practically every kind)
6. Popcorn & Chocolate (together, not separate)
7. Filet Steak (cooked medium well)

7 People to Tag...

1. Heather
2. Tiff
3. Jami
4. Dawn
5. Tami
6. Amy
7. Alicia


I DID IT!!!!!

Don't you just love it when your kids do something so absolutely adorable that you can not wipe the GIANT GRIN off your face for a while. So here's the story...

Addison was sitting on the potty with a belly ache when Ainsley decided to get her some "healthy" snacks to help her feel better. She immediately ran to the cupboard & grabbed a bowl, then to the fridge to fetch some carrotts. She filled the bowl with carrotts & ran back to the bathroom & insisted that Addison should "eat her vegtables" so her belly ache would go away. Addison adores Ains & usually does exactly what she asks, so of course she chomped down a couple of carrotts. But Ains wasn't satisfied. She ran back into the kitchen & grabbed the head of lettuce. She started tearing nice, bite sized pieces up & placing them into the bowl. She ran back into the bathroom & starting hand feeding Addison her greens. (Hilarious, I know!!) So by this time Addison was "all done". Braydan & I both told Ains what a sweet, caring big sister she is for doing that for Addi. A few minutes later she comes running into the front room where I am feeding Alivia & yells excitedly, "I DID IT MOM!!! Look, look Mom I did it!" What she had done was put away her veggies & wash her bowl all by herself. (What a good girl!!!) But the cutest, most hilarious thing she did was run to the front door, open it, & sream to the top of her lungs, "Hey everybody, I did it!!!" Is that the cutest, most adorable act of love or what?!? I sure thought so.