You are FIVE YEARS OLD today & I can not believe it. It seems just like yesterday that I was huge, swollen, & laying in a horrible motel room trying to sleep (ha ha) when we got the call about your Great Grandpa Stewart. It was Memorial Day weekend & Great Grandpa had went camping in the Uintah Mountains with Grandpa George when he had a massive stroke. He was life flighted to the University of Utah Hospital for evaluation. We (Daddy & Mommy) drove into Salt Lake to meet Grandpa George. Your Great Grandpa Stewart was not doing very well & had to be monitored very closely. I was able to go see Great Grandpa after a while. As soon as I walked into the room where he was I started to cry. I was very sad because Great Grandpa was one of my very best friends for he was my only neighbor as a child. He took care of me & now it looked as though we were going to be taking care of him. I gave Great Grandpa a kiss & hug & walked out of the room. I went back to the waiting room to sit down because I wasn't feeling well. Daddy had decided that he had better get back to the booth (we were working at a show in South Jordan) because all of the contestants from the horse show would be there to buy our products. I gave Daddy a kiss & a hug & off he went. Minutes later, I started getting faint pains in my belly. I didn't think much of it but after about two hours they were getting worse. Aunt Danyette & I decided to head down to the maternity ward to hook me up to a monitor. Sure enough, I was in labor. We made our way back up to the waiting room to tell the ENTIRE Stewart family (that is not an exaggeration) that I was going to be having a baby soon. I called Daddy to let him know what was going on & he couldn't believe it. He was so nervous. We had to make a big decision, go home & have you or stay here & have you? Dr. Dixie was out of town so another doctor would have to deliver you if we went home. Plus, there was a good chance that we wouldn't even make it home & Daddy would have to deliver you in the car (ewe!). It was also Memorial Day weekend, one of the worst weekends to drive so we decided to stay in Salt Lake to have you. Besides, the whole family was already at the hospital anyways. I told Daddy to stay at the booth until I called him & he reluctantly agreed. At about 5:00 pm I called Daddy. He was at the hospital in no time. We decided to drive back to the motel to gather up our stuff & relax for a minute. It was time to go! We walked out to the car slowly & drove really fast. All night long I was in labor & finally at 11:47 am you were here!!! You were the most beautiful baby we had ever seen. You had lots of dark brown hair & looked just like your Daddy. You weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce & was 20 1/4 inches long. You were PERFECT!!!

You're still perfect & we all love you very much. We hope you have a great day. Happy Birthday Ains!!!

Dad, Mom, Addison, & Alivia



We can't even believe that a year has already past since you joined our family. Wow!! You have been such a blessing to us. Your adorable little personality brightens all of our days, no matter what. You have such a gift at making the people around you happy. You are absolutely hilarious too & always have us laughing, especially your big sisters. You are so smart. You know a handful of words & are learning how to communicate very well through pointing your little finger at things. You are also very good at figuring things out. You love to play games, peek-a-boo being your favorite. You are very expressive & pull the cutest, funniest faces all the time. We hope you have a wonderful 1st birthday. We love you!!!
Daddy, Mommy, Ains, & Addi



At this very moment the only sounds I can hear are my fingers tapping the keys of my keyboard, the breeze blowing through my open windows, & the passing cars on state street. Where are my kids, you ask? Here with me, having sweet dreams about princesses & candy all at the same time. Woo Hoo!!! I love moments like these.



We would like to give a shout out to the cutest little 8 year old ever. That's right, Hope is already eight. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE!!! We hope you know what a smart, beautiful, funny, sweet little girl you are. We love & miss you & can't wait to see you again (only 25 more days & YES we are counting down).

Have an awesome day Hoperoo, you deserve it!



Ten years ago today, Braydan & I were sealed in the Manti Temple. WHOA!!! I truly can't believe it has been a decade. We have made so many wonderful memories; building our house, traveling all over the western US for Burns Saddlery, camping out in the bed of the truck (ha ha) & in the Nomad (we have had two that are EXACTLY the same), having three gorgeous, hilarious, stinky, entertaining daughters, going to Disneyland (3 times), opening Burns Cowboy Shop & many, many more. I am really blessed to have such a dedicated, loving, caring, patient husband. He loves me for me & believe me, I think I could be pretty hard to love sometimes. Happy 10th Anniversary Brayd!!!