october ramblings

I know this sounds so cliche but where does the time go?  Here are some things we did during the month of October...
 We took the girls to the temple one Monday night for family home evening.  We had such a good time together. 
 Addison went on her first class field trip.  We traveled to Centerfield to the pumpkin patch & had a great time picking out a special little pumpkin just for her.
 We celebrated Grandma Red's 75th birthday & retirement from the store.  It was a great celebration of her commitment to Burns Saddlery & her life.  We just love that lady!
 As a family, we made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch to find the "perfect" pumpkins for the porch this year.  We had a ton of fun & got some unusual pumpkins to boot.
The girls & I made "monster" cupcakes for the ward Halloween party.  They were so much fun to make.  We were trying to out do each other with every cupcake which forced all of us to be super creative.  I highly recommend this activity.  It made all of us laugh. :)
 Oh how I love this little lamb!!!  She was such a good helper at the trunk-or-treat on Halloween afternoon.
There they are; Charli as Olivia, Ainsley as Cleopatra, Remi as a little piggy, Addison as Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony), Audrey as a little lamb, & Alivia as some other My Little Pony.  Halloween was a crazy day but as always, was a whole bunch of fun.  The girls loved showing off their costumes & of course being spoiled with treats. 

So those were the highlights of the month.  Thanksgiving & Christmas will be here before we know it.  My baby girls will be turning one & we will begin a new year.  Craziness!!!!