Last night after dinner I went into my office to start printing statements for the store when I heard the clatter & cling of dishes. I immediately sprang to my feet & ran into the kitchen & this is what I found...

my two darling, adorable HAPPY HELPERS!!! They cleaned up EVERY SINGLE dinner dish, right down to the last fork. Then they proceeded to wipe EVERY SURFACE down until it sparkled (garbage can included).

I was truly amazed at how well they were able to clean up spaghetti without making a mess. In fact, the only thing I had to do after they were done was put the dishes into the dishwasher. I'm not kidding, they cleaned up that good. Are they the most adorable little girls ever or what?!? I sure think so!!

Thanks Ains & Addi. Mommy really appreciates how much you help me out especially when I don't have to ask. I JUST LOVE YOU TWO!!!



Charolette (Charli) Hazel Memmott
7 pounds 6 ounces
18 inches
3:46 pm
Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl Britt & CJ!!!



I sure think these three little girls are beautiful. I just love & adore them.



Tonight I decided to let the rats out of their cage to play. We have never done that before. Oh my, the girls L...O...V...E....D... it!!! Pawgo & Lisa Tingy are so dang adorable, even YOU will have to admit it?!? They crack us up all day long. Lisa Tingy (the small one with gray spots down his spine) is always laying right on top of Pawgo. Pawgo is always stealing Lisa Tingy's popcorn, which they love. They are always playing & being hilarious. But tonight was the very first time Addison held either of them by herself. Don't get me wrong, she loves her rats to bits but has been a little timid at holding them. She wasn't timid at all tonight & it was sssooooo cute!

And in case you're all wondering, of course I cloroxed the high chair afterwards.



You know when you are busy doing things around the house & it suddenly becomes WAY TO QUIET? Well, today that's what happened at our house. I had just opened GIANT lollipops for Ains & Addi when the silence fell upon our home (that never happens). I started yelling, "Ains, Adds where are you?" with no response. Ah oh! Just then, I rounded the corner to mine & Brayd's bathroom & this is what I found.

Caught, red handed!!! What some little stinkers, feeding their baby sister lollipops. I immediately ran out of the bathroom to grab my camera because I couldn't resist their act of kindness or Alivia's delighted face. Pretty CUTE!!!



We would like to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We want you to know how much we love you & how special you are. We have watched you grow throughout your life & have always been amazed at the things you can do. At 7 1/2 months old you took your first steps. At 10 months old you were running around & we were having a hard time keeping up with you. You are so fast & agile & can do almost anything. You are such a little dare devil & are so tough. You are such a great sister. Ainsley & Alivia love you so much. You are also an awesome helper. You help us out so much & are always willing to do whatever we ask you to do. You are such a sweetheart. You always try your best to make everyone happy & you do. We are so happy to have you in our family. We love you Poop Chicken!!! Happy Birthday!
Dad, Mom, Ains, & Livvy



Today we celebrated Addison's 3rd birthday by having a tea party. We made yummy heart shaped raspberry sandwiches & strawberry banana smoothies topped with mini marshmallows. We also had some delicious finger desserts made by the best homemade candy company around, Cocomotive. They made us white chocolate dipped marshmallow hearts, fudge, chocolate dipped rice krispy balls, & little mint hearts. Everything was YuuUUmMY!!! Addison seated everybody & served them their tea party treats. She was the best (cutest too) little hostess.
It was time for cake, candles, & singing. Addison loved her tiny, "just my size" cake.
Bring on the presents...
Now for Mom & Dads gift...
Yes, Addison wanted rats for her birthday. Yes, Addison got what she wanted! It was an awesome day & an awesome party for an awesome little almost 3 year old.



Alivia has the longest little patch of hair on the top of her head so I thought I would see if I could get a piggy in it. Well I did & it's pretty darn cute if you ask me!!!



Alivia adores Ainsley. In fact, I think the only reason I am her favorite over Ains right now is because I am the milk truck. That being said, I went downstairs to do something & when I returned Braydan was allowing Ainsley to pull Alivia around the kitchen & entry way by her feet while she was on her belly. WHAT THE ...? First of all, Ains was flipping her around like she was a doll not her 8 month old baby sister. Second of all, Ains had Alivia's legs at a 90 degree angle most of the time (ouch...). Third, Braydan was actually allowing this to happen. ...BUT, Alivia was laughing so hard & so were Ains & Addi so I couldn't get too upset, right?


THE BIG 3... 0...

Brayd turned 30 years old yesterday & to celebrate I threw him an awesome Poker Party. We (Brayd & I, CJ & Britt, Dustin & Chelsea, Jake & Tiff, & Trent & Tanya) started the party off with a poker tournament. We bought 5 sweet prizes for the winners. They included an IHome, IPod, Planet Earth DVD Series, Rounders/21 DVD Set, & a giant box of face cards. Our guests were pumped about the prizes so the play was pretty aggressive. Chelsea ended up with everybody's money & took home the IHome. Braydan came in at 2nd place & opted to take the Rounders/21 DVD set. Dustin took 3rd place & snatched up the Planet Earth DVD series. Trent & Tanya ended up taking 4th & 5th place & were left with the IPod & playing cards. It was a ton of fun! We then set the cake (btw, the cake was made & decorated by Trent) a blaze & sang my totally embarrassed husband Happy Birthday!! It was a YUMMY cake & pretty dang awesome if you ask me. Thanks again Trent!

The playing resumed until the wee hours of the morning. We all laughed alot, had a great time, & can't wait to do it again.