On Friday, September 29th we went camping for the first time as a family this year (pathetic, I know). We cleaned, packed, & loaded up the trailer to escape the valley for a few days. It was sooo nice to get away from ringing phones, blaring televisions, & work. We all needed it & had a great time. Grandma Mick & Aunt Britt were able to come up on Saturday afternoon & stay until Sunday evening. Us girls were all reading a book out of the Twilight series, I started New Moon & they each started Twilight. Of course none of us could put them down, so needless to say we weren't a lively, fun bunch. It was sure nice to sit back with a good book & relax though. Grandpa Shaw, Bryson, & Brady also came up on Saturday afternoon. Braydan & the boys spent their mornings & evenings in the hills chasing "the big one". Unfortunately, none of them were to lucky but they had a good time anyway. Ainsley & Addison spent most of their time outside "treasure hunting", which actually meant wandering around camp to find anything & everything they thought was pretty, yucky, muddy, dirty, sticky, & so on. Each of them found a rusty old can to fill with dirty rocks, sticky pine cones, twigs, garbage, dirt, & of course pretty flowers. They were sooooo dirty!!! There was no lack of fun had by those two.

Alivia hung out in the trailer with me most of the time. She is so content & happy all the time. We hope we are able to go camping a little more often next year. It is definitely something our family loves to do.

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Megan said...

Beautiful baby girls! Absolutely adorable! Congrats!!
Megan (Buxton) Fritzsche