It's official, my babies are growing up way to fast!!! First of all, Alivia is already three months old. She entertains the whole family with her constant gooing. Second, Addison started her first year of preschool yesterday & was such a big girl. Braydan & I were so proud of her. She didn't hesitate a bit at the door, in fact she ran right in & loved every minute of it. Third, Ainsley started her first day of preschool today. This year will be her last year of preschool before she is off to the "big" school, as she calls it. How time flies!!! I know that sounds totally cliche, but holy moly it's so true. I am truly grateful for my beautiful blessings. I love my girls & am so proud of them.


Brooke said...

Your girls ARE getting so big!! I found your blog through Danyette, of course. Anyway, I hope you don't mind if I add you to my list!! Our blog is going private cause of too many freaky stories, but if you leave me your email, I can send you an invite. Tell Brit her baby belly is HUGE!! :) just kidding. I'm glad things are going well for her. If you and she are ever up here, stop by!

Dani said...

They are adorable. And growing too fast, I totally agree. I can't wait to move back- Our girls will be in the same grades and it will be so much fun.

K'Brina said...

Soooo cute. And I LOVE the matching dresses!