This is my first "tag" as a blogger, so here it goes...

1. I was a mere 9 years old & was enjoying life as a brand new 4th grader in Mrs. Jacobsen's class.
2. My first real memories of Braydan come from this era. He was also in Mrs. Jacobsen's class & was definitely the "class clown".
3. I had a crush on Kade Hallows.
4. My Grandma Stewart was battling cancer, sad!

1. I was attending Snow College & was loving it.
2. I was engaged to that "class clown" I referred to earlier & was planning a spring wedding.
3. I worked at Central Utah Physical Therapy with Diana May, whom I still love to bits.
4. Braydan & I were teaching the Valiant Boys in Primary, fun!

1. Braydan & I were traveling all over the western U.S. for Burns Saddlery.
2. I became pregnant with Ainsley, yeah!!!
3. My Mom & Dad got divorced, sad!
4. My best friend was still my little sister Danyette.

1. I was pregnant with Addison, yeah!!!
2. I became AR/AP Manager for Burns Saddlery, scary!!
3. I was Primary Chorister & was loving it (kids are sooo cute).
4. I was enjoying, adoring, & loving Ains!!!

1. I became pregnant with Alivia, aaahh!!!
2. I was called to be Personal Progress Leader in Young Womens.
3. I was busier than ever with kids & work.
4. We were in the middle of finishing our basement, finally!!

1. Alivia Kay was born, yeah!!!
2. We went to Disneyland twice.
3. The Gladwell's moved to Fairview, Tennessee. (we miss you!!!)
4. Brittnie is having a baby & we are all sooo excited.

1. I took Ainsley & Addison to Grandpa & Grandma Buchanan's for the day.
2. Braydan & I had KFC for lunch.
3. I did Saturday's deposit, filed invoices, created invoices, filed paid invoices, & ran statements for Burns Saddlery.
4. I videoed my girls because they are truly the most adorable little girls on the planet.

1. The girls, Britt, & I had Denny's for breakfast, yum!
2. I finished stuffing statements for Burns Saddlery.
3. I started reading Twilight. (I know I am the very last person on the planet to do so but it's really, really good so far. I'm glad I finally gave in.)
4. I'm going to Young Women's later.

1. We are headed to South Jordan with Dad to set up a booth.
2. The girls & I are going shopping.
3. Hopefully Ains & Addi are good girls so we can all enjoy a Coldstone treat, yummy!
4. We are going to stop by & say hi to Grandma Mick.

1. My babies will be 5, 3, & 1 year old, whoa!!!
2. Braydan & I will celebrate 10 years of marriage, WHOA!!!
3. We will be visiting the Gladwells in Tennessee & can't wait.
4. I will have a new niece, ha ha!!! (you know it's true Britt)

Well that was fun!!! Now I tag Tiff, Rochelle, Amy, Alicia, & Heather.


K'Brina said...

You are going to LOVE twilight! It is very addicting!

Dawn Rae said...

Why does it seem like we are always pregnant...very cute post!