I have been telling Danyette that Liv is the chubbiest baby I have ever had & so has everyone else. She just doesn't believe that I could have a chunky baby. Well here is the proof. (I told you she has rolls!!!)
Alivia is also 4 months old today. Here is an overall summary of the things she loves & the things she can do at this point in her life.

Alivia Loves...

Her Mommy
Her Daddy
Ains & Addi
Her Fingers
Mommy's Milk
Chewing on Her Clothes
Her Bouncer
Her Gymini
Being Tossed in the Air

Alivia Can...

Eat Lots & Lots of Mommy's Milk
Splash in Her Tub
Roll from Her Belly to Her Back
Blow Raspberries
Grab Her Toys & Chew on Them
Entertain Everyone She is Around

We love you chunky monkey!!!!


The Quarnbergs said...

I cant believe how much she looks like your others! They all have the brand!

K'Brina said...

I LOVE the rolls. I only wish that rolls were that cute when you were 28 ;)

Tweeb and Danyette said...

oh my heck, I love it. She is so chubby and I love the cheeks. I miss you guys and not being able to see her on a daily basis. She is seriously the cutest thing.

The Milletts said...

Hello THe Shaw Family!!! This is your long lost friend Tami "Buxton" Millett Wow Megan found you so I just had to drop you a little note just to say HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI How have you been? We are doing awesome! Check us out!! millettcrew.blogspot.com and I need to see a few more pics of Misty!!! You need to give the camera to someone else so we can see you!!!! Anyway it was good to see your little family and I hope you keep in touch!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Holy crap she's cute!