It's finally official, Burns Saddlery is headed to Park City. On Wednesday, September 3rd Braydan headed up to sign the lease agreement for our new location. It is located on historic Park City Main Street, which we could not be more excited about. The building is also just down the street from the famous Egyptian Theatre, home of the Sundance Film Festival. What a prime location!!!

So for the last week we have spent almost every day at the new store tearing things apart & rebuilding them to our liking. Grandpa Wayland & Bryson spent three whole days ( I am dead serious about whole days, like 12-13 hours) covering two huge pillars in the center of the store with blue pine. Man do they look great!!! Braydan tore apart shelving, ripped off base boards, removed doors, & spackled walls during that time. My Mom, Andy (my mom's awesome friend who totally didn't have to come help at all), the girls, & I headed up Saturday morning to help out. We had to pick out paint colors which was no easy task because we want this place to be perfect. We finally figured it out & went to painting. We have been painting ever since but we are almost done. Yay!!!

We decided to come home last night to catch up on paper work, laundry, housework, sleep, etc., etc., etc.... I'm sure we won't be home for long though because we plan on opening up the new store in October. Whoa!! We have sooooo much to do. We are so grateful for the knowledge we have in the western industry, the opportunities we have been given to pursue our dream of making Burns Saddlery bigger & better, & of course being able to do it as a family. We are truely living the dream & loving every minute of it!!!


Stephanie said...

yay...so does that mean you are mocing up here? lol

Misty said...

Nope, that means Scott & Danna are moving up & we are staying here. We kinda wish it was us, it would be lots of fun.

Dawn Rae said...

How exciting for you! You guys are a chain now. I will be looking for the stars in your store during Sundance:)