Seven years ago our beautiful nation was in shock & disbelief by the terrorist attacks of 9/11. I remember well, huddling around a television set watching the horror over & over in the waiting room of the Sevier Valley Medical Center while Destiny was in labor. After a long, hard labor Rylan Dan Crane was here, strong & healthy. He was truely a miricle, a happy place we could all run to in this devestating moment in history.

Rylan is such a joy to be around. His love of tractors, dirt, & power tools is very contagious. In fact he is very good at persuading people to let him do things in the dirt on a tractor with power tools. He is also the hardest working seven year old I have ever met. He is always cleaning stalls with Papa, shipping with his Dad, & building things with Grandpa Wayland. The boy has a "stick to it" attitude & doesn't quit until the job is finished.

We hope you've had a great day buddy. Happy 7th Birthday!!!

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