Today is Ellie's 3rd birthday & it will be the first birthday we will miss because of "the move"(the kids' birthday's, that is). Addison asked if we were going to Ellie's party the day we mailed her gift & sadly I had to tell her no. Needless to say, she didn't quite understand.

We miss Ellie & her frequent streaking soooo much. We miss her BIG, CHEESY, SQUINTY EYE smile. We miss her low, raspy voice & her contagious laugh. We even miss her occasional "Ainsley like" meltdowns.

We hope you have an awesome, fun, exciting birthday Ellie Belly. We love you!!!


Eric and Brooke said...

AAWWW!! We miss them so much too! She is such a cutie and very loved by everyone!

Butler Family said...

Misty - CUTE blog! found you while stalking and had to catch up with everyone from the old ward! Your new baby is a doll - I live so close, but haven't seen her yet! My blog is locked since I had a real scarey stalker, but if you want to take a peek send me your e-mail at tbutler35@hotmail.com and I'll put you on my permission list....