What a whirlwind summer we've had. I can't believe I didn't post one single thing we did during that time. Already we're back to school, back to routines, & still amidst the craziness.

Here's a rundown of what we've been up to since I posted last.

Sometime in May...I agreed to help coach the high school cheerleaders this year & started 6 am practices. Early!

May 19th-21st...Ainsley & Addison had Dynamite Cheer tryouts. Go Dynamite!

May 27th...We celebrated Alivia's 2nd Birthday at the Hogle Zoo. Fun times!

May 31st...We celebrated Ainsley's 6th Birthday Ariel style at home with lots of friends. Unforgettable!

June 1st...Addison started cheer. Fun!

June 3rd...Ainsley started cheer. Fun!

June 6th-13th...We traveled to Carmel, California to open Burns Cowboy Shop. Hard work!

June 15th...We found out I was pregnant with our 4th child. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

June 20th...Ainsley spoke in sacrament for the first time for Father's Day. So proud!

June 23rd...I went in for an ultrasound & found out I was 12 weeks + 5 days pregnant. What the...?!?

June 29th-July 1st...The high school cheerleaders put on their annual Mini Cheer Clinic which Ainsley & Addi participated in. Super fun!


June 30th...We (Myself, Danyette, Brittnie, Mom, Tiffany, Bree, Dani H., Rochelle, Jordan, Dani C., Jaymee, Tania, Kylie, & Danielle) went to Eclipse at the newly renovated Richfield Theatre. Awesome!

July 1st...We, Dani & I, surprised Danyette with a scrap day to celebrate her 30th birthday a little early. What a blast! Later, Tweeb & I surprised her with a huge surprise birthday party where we ate & visited with friends & family into the night. Unforgettable!!!

July 3rd...We celebrated the 4th of July in traditional Salina style. Love it!


July 8th...We celebrated my birthday with family. Memorable!

July 9th & 10th...We had youth conference for the Young Women & Young Men. Wonderful!

July 16th...I went in for another ultrasound to see how the baby was doing & found out IT'S ANOTHER GIRL. Seriously!

July 17th...We had our annual Shaw Family Party. So fun! Later I went to the temple with the youth & did baptisms for the dead. Loved it!

July 19th...I took a car full of high school cheerleaders to Cheer Camp at the University of Utah. Cute girls!

July 22nd...I made it up to the U of U to watch the cheerleaders perform for camp champs. They rocked it out, taking 1st with their home pom & 4th in the extreme routine. Way to go!

July 28th-30th...I went to girls camp with my young women & had a ball. Fun times!

August 5th-8th...We went to 7 Peaks with Grandma Mick then headed to Park City to play & shop with the Quarnberg's for the weekend. Crazy!

August 13th...We headed up the mountain to the Shaw Family Reunion & ate yummy food & visited with lots of family. Nice!

August 14th...We headed up the other mountain to the Peterson Family Reunion & ate yummy food & visited with lots of family. Nice!

August 17th-19th...Ainsley had cheer camp & loved it. Proud!

August 23rd...I had another ultrasound to confirm that the baby is definitely a GIRL.

August 25th...Ainsley started 1st grade which she absolutely LOVES. I miss her & am looking for her all day long. Sob!

August 29th...Ainsley, Addison, & I spoke in sacrament. They did great therefore I didn't need to. Ha!

September 1st...Addison started her "last first day of preschool". That's what she told me while I was doing her hair. Hilarious!

September 2nd...Alivia went to her first day of preschool & didn't quit raving about it all day. Adorable!

We have been super busy but wouldn't have it any other way. More posts with pics to come, I promise.


The Quarnbergs said...

Did you have time to sleep? LOL! Summer was crazy, but we had some fun good times! Shaw's and Quarnberg's represent!!!! Love you guys and miss you so much!

Chalmers Family said...

Wow what a busy summer. It all sounds so fun though. Congrats on another baby, and fun to have a new car! We are back at school too and understand the crazy life it brings. I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you. Love ya, Kenna

Tara said...

CONGRATS on another baby girl!!! How exciting!! I can hardly wait to see what new "A" name you come up with! And when you make such darling little girls why change the mold! Sounds like our summer...run...run...run! I thought it would slow down when school started, but I'm still going crazy!