Have some of you been wondering why I haven't posted pics lately? Well let me tell you why. A couple of months ago my computer crashed & had to be overhauled. I'm unsure what was even done but I do know that when my computer came back I had NOTHING left on my desktop. We, mainly Braydan, has slowly been uploading my software programs back onto my computer but we, meaning Braydan, has failed to get my camera program on. I know, I know, you're all thinking, "Well why can't you do it?" I've actually been thinking that myself lately & I really don't know why I haven't just done it. I'm certain I could figure it out. It's probably a matter of sticking in the disc & clicking next, next, next, finish or something ridiculous like that. I am sick of posting without pics so if I get time today I WILL DO IT!!! If not, I'll do it tomorrow.

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