Yesterday I sat down on the couch for a few minutes before starting dinner with Ainsley & Addison, who were watching a movie & began to read. About 5 minutes after I had started to read Ainsley said, "Mom, why are you reading?" I turned to her & said, "Because I like to read. One day when you are big you will like it too." She just looked at me for a minute then said, "Well, when I'm big I will play with my kids more so they don't bother me while I'm trying to read!"

Can't a Mom have just 15 minutes to escape into some other world? That's all I ask, 15 minutes!!

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K'Brina said...

15 minutes would be heaven, wouldn't it?

Have you seen that commercial, I think it is an IKEA one, where the mom puts herself in time-out? I have tried that and it still only buys me 5 to 10 minutes, tops!!