Sunday was a gorgeous day so as soon as we got out of church Brayd & I loaded up the girls, Easter Eggs in hand (I know, I know. Better late than never, right?) & headed out of town. We stopped at Subway on the way & picked up sandwiches (I know, we are naughty for eating out on the Sabbath). Once we arrived at our awesome destination (seriously, the other side of the freeway), we broke out "the picnic", pulled down the tail gate & ate. Ainsley & Addison could not quick raving about what great parents we were for taking them on the other side of the freeway to have a "Subway picnic" in the back of the truck & roll their Easter Eggs down the hill. Isn't it the best when your kids are so stinkin' cute about the littlest things?
We were just about ready to head over to the hill to do some egg rolling when we were surrounded by a flock of Seagulls. Addison could not get enough of them. She threw the rest of her lunch at them while trying to coax them into letting her pet them. She chased them for 20 minutes.
Ains was a bit more timid, to say the least. She stayed within 3 feet of the truck & would duck anytime a Seagull would fly near her. She was hilarious!
It was finally time to roll Easter Eggs!! We headed toward the perfect little hill & started climbing to the top. Once we made it, the girls were more than ready for some egg rollin'.
Way to throw that egg Addison!!!
That took about 3 minutes & 17 seconds, then it was back down the hill. Ainsley had noticed some very pretty, crystallized rocks while climbing up the hill & decided she would collect a few for her rock collection on our way back down. Addison thought it was cool for a minute but threw her rocks down as soon as I got this picture.

So you're probably wondering why I need to be FIRED from my roll as mother, right? Well, these next few pictures say it all.

View at your own risk. May be too much to bear for those of you who are GOOD MOMS!!!
WHAT THE *@^# WAS I THINKING??? Apparently, I wasn't because my 11 month old daughter has FLAMING RED, BLISTERED, SWOLLEN ARMS!!! I told you I should be fired.


Tweeb and Danyette said...

Ouchie!! We have all done it, don't be to hard on yourself. I bet she thought it was worth it.

Butler Family said...

Poor kid! But, if that's the worst you've done then you are still a GREAT mom!!! We all have our stories...good and bad!

Travis and Cristan said...

Poor thing! But I know you're not a bad mom. Just ask your kids- they'll say "Your the best mom!" maybe livy wont but thats only because she can't talk ;)
Looks like fun. we have never rolled/thrown eggs. Maybe next year we could meet up- I'll bring the sun screen ;)

Autumn said...

Ouch! I did that to Parker's one cheek last summer! It happens. The girls are darling.

The Quarnbergs said...

Hey, I will turn you in, they come and haul you away, but you could probably use a night off and a good nights sleep! ;)

mshaw said...

Ouch!! It must come from the Shaw's cause I swear Bryar was out for 20 minutes the other night and she is burned! Now I carry a bottle of sun screan around all the time! And I know that you are a great mom! If a sun burn is the worst that happens...your still good!

Amy Rosquist said...

Bummer. Hey it might be a start to a great tan! jk of course. Looks like a fun picnic.

K'Brina said...

Don't beat yourself up. I have done the same thing, but to Emersons face when she was about that age. She had a blister on her nose. I was sooo mad at myself.
We have all been there before!!

The Milletts said...

It happens to the best of us at least once! Looks like you all had a ton of fun and I'm sure she won't hold it against ya! Have fun keep in touch!

Stephanie said...

Ouchie! Trust me though....I have a red headed little boy so I have done it a few times. lol I swear I have to put sun screen on him if he walks to the neighbors house. lol looks like they al had a great time though.