Ten years ago today, Braydan & I were sealed in the Manti Temple. WHOA!!! I truly can't believe it has been a decade. We have made so many wonderful memories; building our house, traveling all over the western US for Burns Saddlery, camping out in the bed of the truck (ha ha) & in the Nomad (we have had two that are EXACTLY the same), having three gorgeous, hilarious, stinky, entertaining daughters, going to Disneyland (3 times), opening Burns Cowboy Shop & many, many more. I am really blessed to have such a dedicated, loving, caring, patient husband. He loves me for me & believe me, I think I could be pretty hard to love sometimes. Happy 10th Anniversary Brayd!!!


mason said...

Congrats on 10 years. Wow, how time flies!!

Travis and Cristan said...

WOW THE BIG 1-0! I think its awesome!
It was good to talk last night-sorry about all the screamng in the background!

K'Brina said...

That is awesome! Congrats!
I love the pic. I don't think I have any pics of Ryan and I together!

Stephanie said...

Wow....I can't believe it. COngrats!

The Milletts said...

Good job guys!! Time does fly it seems like yesterday that we were all sittin' in the halls of good old North Sevier livin' it up!! Now we're all old with kids of our own! CRAZY! Keep it up!

Dawn Rae said...

Congrats for you guys! You make an awesome couple! Thanks for saying I am "fun" too. lol!

Heather said...

Congrats Misty & Brayden. That is awesome!!

Suzanne Shaw said...

Happy Anniversary, ten years is an amazing feat! :) Hope all is well.

Aaron is turning 30 next week, and while I know you guys are kind of far away to come for a party, if you get a minute, will you stop by his birthday blog?


I though it'd be fun for everyone to send him a message for him to see on his birthday.

See you guys in a bit!