On Monday, April 6th the Gladwell's flew back to good old Utah to spend the Easter holiday with family. WE WERE SO EXCITED!!! We had been looking forward to this trip for a very long time. So when 5:00 rolled around on Wednesday & there was no sign of the Gladwell family (they spent the first couple of days in the Salt Lake Valley with Tweeb's family), my kids were totally freaking out. But only minutes later they drove up to the house. You seriously could not wipe the grins off all of our faces. Ainsley ran out the front door, threw her hands in the air & yelled, "FINALLY!!!"

I told ya about the grins!
Hope was able to spend the first night in Salina at her best bud Maddi's house so Ains, Ellie, & Addi were inseparable. They played dress up & Barbies & babies & house. They read books, told stories, danced, & watched movies. They ate treats, drank pop, & played with Pawgo & Lisa Tingy. They ran around, sang loudly, screamed with giddy excitement, & tormented Tweeb. They had so much fun!!

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Travis and Cristan said...

What a cute moment you caught on your camera! I miss them already!