THE BIG 3... 0...

Brayd turned 30 years old yesterday & to celebrate I threw him an awesome Poker Party. We (Brayd & I, CJ & Britt, Dustin & Chelsea, Jake & Tiff, & Trent & Tanya) started the party off with a poker tournament. We bought 5 sweet prizes for the winners. They included an IHome, IPod, Planet Earth DVD Series, Rounders/21 DVD Set, & a giant box of face cards. Our guests were pumped about the prizes so the play was pretty aggressive. Chelsea ended up with everybody's money & took home the IHome. Braydan came in at 2nd place & opted to take the Rounders/21 DVD set. Dustin took 3rd place & snatched up the Planet Earth DVD series. Trent & Tanya ended up taking 4th & 5th place & were left with the IPod & playing cards. It was a ton of fun! We then set the cake (btw, the cake was made & decorated by Trent) a blaze & sang my totally embarrassed husband Happy Birthday!! It was a YUMMY cake & pretty dang awesome if you ask me. Thanks again Trent!

The playing resumed until the wee hours of the morning. We all laughed alot, had a great time, & can't wait to do it again.

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