As you all know, we opened Burns Cowboy Shop in Park City in November of last year. Since the grand opening we have been looking forward to the Sundance Film Festival. To gear up for the crowds, we spent the 4th, 5th, & 6th in Park City working out some computer bugs with our software company. Braydan got to go back up on the morning of the 15th to help out at the store during the festival. The store had great success. On Sunday the 25th the girls & I drove up to Park City to pick up Braydan. We then headed into the Salt Lake Valley to spend a couple nights in a motel. Ains & Addi were SSSOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! Staying in a motel is probably one of their all time favorite things to do as a family.
On Monday we started off our day with a yummy brunch. We then headed to The Living Planet Aquarium. The girls were so hilarious. They practically ran from exhibit to exhibit. Braydan & I kept telling them to slow down & take a better look at the fish but they weren't having any of that. They loved the sea horses, jelly fish, frogs & anemones.

Alivia was in awe the entire time (oh yea, her rash is almost gone). She got so excited when a fish would swim next to her. They all loved it. After the Aquarium, we headed over to the South Town Mall for some ice cream & a couple of rides on the infamous Merry-Go-Round (what some cheap entertainment). We then headed over to Jordan Commons to catch a movie. Ainsley & Addison both wanted to see Inkheart. We all loved it & would definitely recommend it. By that time the girls were begging us to get back to the motel so we could go swim. We all had a blast at the pool. We can't wait for summer!

On our way back up to the room Ains & Addi were totally checking themselves out in the mirrored ceiling in the elevator. Braydan & I were laughing so hard at them.

At that point it was pretty late so Braydan went to McDonalds & brought us back some delicious dinner. Of course, Ainsley & Addison were thrilled. What kid doesn't love McDonalds?
The next day we took them to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch which they loved too. We ran a few errands & then headed home. We all had a great time together on our mini vacation!!!

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Stephanie said...

Sounds like you had a great time! We love the aquarium. It's really cool!