You know when you are busy doing things around the house & it suddenly becomes WAY TO QUIET? Well, today that's what happened at our house. I had just opened GIANT lollipops for Ains & Addi when the silence fell upon our home (that never happens). I started yelling, "Ains, Adds where are you?" with no response. Ah oh! Just then, I rounded the corner to mine & Brayd's bathroom & this is what I found.

Caught, red handed!!! What some little stinkers, feeding their baby sister lollipops. I immediately ran out of the bathroom to grab my camera because I couldn't resist their act of kindness or Alivia's delighted face. Pretty CUTE!!!


Travis and Cristan said...

So stinkin' cute! And how sweet are the big sissys for sharing. You got to love kids!

Dawn Rae said...

That is funny! I always hate when it gets quiet, you never know what you might find.