Alivia adores Ainsley. In fact, I think the only reason I am her favorite over Ains right now is because I am the milk truck. That being said, I went downstairs to do something & when I returned Braydan was allowing Ainsley to pull Alivia around the kitchen & entry way by her feet while she was on her belly. WHAT THE ...? First of all, Ains was flipping her around like she was a doll not her 8 month old baby sister. Second of all, Ains had Alivia's legs at a 90 degree angle most of the time (ouch...). Third, Braydan was actually allowing this to happen. ...BUT, Alivia was laughing so hard & so were Ains & Addi so I couldn't get too upset, right?

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Jackie Schugk said...

Hi Misty.. your kids are adorable.. YAY I am glad to see you and your totally cute family.. I can't believe Brit has a baby.. my word I remember when she was so small.. and all the fun things we did.. how are your parents.. my gosh Danyette in TN??? wow.. I can't live a day without Jessica I can't even imagine a county away let alone states away anyhow.. you look great.. take care.. Jackie