Let me first say that I love this time of year. Fall is my favorite season. It means back to routines, crisp, cool air, falling leaves, & of course Halloween. At our house this week, there was a whole lot of Halloween going on. We started off our week with pumpkin carving which took place Sunday evening. We got online, picked our face patterns, taped them to our pumpkins, & carved away (Brayd carved all 5 pumpkins while I taped & traced patterns). They turned out to be so adorable.

On Monday I prepared a special Halloween Family Home Evening. I made yummy caramel corn puffs (which I have never made before). They were a big hit with everyone. We went over some Halloween basics (always have Mom & Dad check your treats before eating them, don't walk in the street, always say thank you, don't accept candy from strangers, don't talk to strangers, don't ever go anywhere with a stranger, etc., etc., etc....) & played a fun game where they could review the things we had talked about. The girls had a blast.
On Tuesday the Girls & I (Brayd was in Park City) went to our Ward Halloween Carnival. The YW & YM were in charge of the event so we arrived early to help get things set up. When we got there, everything was already done (way to go everyone). We ate sloppy joes, chips, & home made root beer (mmm, the perfect Halloween food). There were all the usual carnival games to play; bobbing for apples, cake walk, fish pond, & bean bag toss. I had to take Addison potty while we were finishing up dinner & when I came back Ains was gone. She had already been to three games by herself by the time we returned. She was sooooo excited she could hardly contain herself!! Addison was a bit more timid at first but M'Shelle fixed that. She took her to the "donut" game & helped her eat her donut right off the string & that was that, no more shyness. In fact she stuck her face right in the cold water (multiple times I might add) while bobbing for apples. I think she was the only toddler who did that. In fact, I think she may have been the only child under 10 years old who did that. It was too cute. Alivia hung out with Rochelle the entire time (THANKS A MILLION!!! WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU ROCHELLE?). I'm actually not quite sure what they did or where they were most of the time but I do know we all had a great time.
Wednesday was Ainsley's class Halloween party. She looked adorable dressed in her Tinkerbelle costume. Her back pack was completely full of treats when she returned. She was pleased, of course.

Addison's class Halloween party was on Thursday. She was sooo excited because this was her first Halloween party for school, it being her first year. She got a bunch of treats too.
Finally, Friday arrived & so it was Halloween. We started off the day with breakfast of course, french ghosts & eggs to be exact. The girls were so excited when I presented their plates I just couldn't quit smiling.
Unfortunately Braydan decided that he would teach me how to do payroll after breakfast. I was bummed that I had to work on Halloween. I had promised the girls the night before that I wouldn't but Brayd insisted I learn. (I had forgotten that I will be doing this while they are in Las Vegas at the NFR. I only have two pay periods to get it down & believe me it is not an easy process. In fact it is very time consuming & has at least 25 steps.) Then it was time to get ready for trick-or-treating. After baths, costuming, hair, & make-up we were ready to go. Yay!!! We were a little sad this year though because the Gladwell's were gone, Papa & Nana were gone, Grandpa George was gone, & Grandpa & Grandma Buchanan were gone. There is one advantage to having young children though, they don't really notice when people are gone because they are so wrapped up in the moment. But Braydan & I sure noticed. We missed everyone, it just wasn't the same. The girls were spoiled rotten by everyone, as usual. They had such a great time & looked absolutely adorable.
During all the Halloween hoopla, Alivia started saying Dada & learned to sit up (she's still a little wobbly). Holy Moly!!! I swear she is growing up faster than my other girls. I wish she would just stop it.
And of course, Burns Cowboy Shop officially opened today. Wow, what a week & we enjoyed every minute of it.


Tweeb and Danyette said...

Wow what a week. The girls look absolutely adorable. Hope said that Ainsley looks taller. Anyways, it looks like they had lots of fun.

Dawn Rae said...

What a good mom you are! Sounds like you had a great holiday!

Rhiannon said...

Sounds like tons of fun, and your girls are so cute in their costumes.

K'Brina said...

Looks like halloween was super fun at your house. Everyone is adorable. and I love the pancakes!!

Tiffany said...

What cute girls you have! Isn't it amazing how much prep time it takes to get 4 girls, including yourself, ready??

Glad you had a fun Halloween!

The Milletts said...

How fun!!! You are a go getter I thought I was on top of it but that looks like quite the halloween breakfast!! your kids look so cute isn't life so much more fun with kids!!

Stephanie said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!