I have a reason to celebrate! Thursday, November 13th at 10:00am I was privileged to be a part of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Burns Cowboy Shop. There was an intimate crowd of close friends, valued customers, & family. It was an awesome event, a moment that I was proud & honored to be apart of. Danna (Braydan's Mom) spoke of our awesome history & of all the sacrifices that have been made for Burns Saddlery by our beloved ancestors. She also spoke of our collected enthusiasm & excitement to be starting this new venture within our family business. The mayor of Park City also spoke. He talked of his childhood, growing up in LA, & how he's been a cowboy at heart since the age of 13. He wished us all the best & welcomed our business to his beautiful community. Afterwards, we all mingled inside & savored the moment.

Inside there have been more changes, especially in our Design Center. The Design Center is an intimate room where our customers can design their own boots. They will be able to pick every single little detail about their boots such as; type of leather, toe style, heel style, type of sole, stitch patterns, etc., etc., etc.... You get the gist, right? Lisa & Loren Skyhorse of Durango, Colorado are the talented artists who hand carved the beautiful floor tiles in the Design Center. They also tooled the frame around the television. It is an awesome room to sit in. It invites creativity & that is exactly what we wanted, a place where our customers can create their special, one of a kind boot.
These are some pieces that we have on display for the Skyhorses. Seriously, you should see them in real life. They are absolutely beautiful.

Isn't this check out stand the most amazing thing you have ever seen? I have never seen one like it anywhere. It is made of hair on leather & tooled skirting leather. My pictures don't do it justice. It is probably the coolest cosmetic piece in the store. Wow!

As you can tell, I am very excited about our new store. In the two short weeks it has been opened, sales have been better than expected for the time of year & that makes me very happy. Yay!!! I can't wait for the ski resorts to open & tourists to fill the streets of Park City.


K'Brina said...

That is really beautiful, all of it! You guys should be really proud of yourselves!
And I love Braydans Hat. Is it THE hat that we were talking about at the retreat??

Misty said...

It actually is not THE hat. That hat should be arriving anytime.

Rochelle said...

You are right it is so awesome. I am so excited for your family. What a great result for all of your hard work!

The Quarnbergs said...

Congratulations you guys! i am so glad things are going better than expected.