It's reunion time again! Every year Grandpa Wayland's family has a huge reunion at Bryant & Linda Mickelsen's cabin up Acred Lake. It's a great time to catch up on all sorts of things with everyone, eat good food, & play silly games. Plus it gives our family a good excuse to get out of the valley.

Ainsley & Addison headed straight for the giant sandbox as soon as we got there. It's one of their favorite things to do at the reunion. In fact, as we were getting on the freeway Addison yelled out, "Mom, I can see the sand box!" Braydan, Scott, & I just laughed because we weren't even close to our destination yet. I guess she must have been pretty excited. This year Grandpa & Grandma brought a couple of balls & all the kids in camp had fun with them too.

Jacy had gotten the bag of red vines out of her trailer & was sharing with everyone. Ainsley was pretty grateful & she just loves Jacy anyways. We had a great time & hope to stay longer next year.

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