Over the weekend Ainsley, Addison, Alivia, & I went to my Grandparents' cabin on Monroe Mountain. We went to celebrate my Great Grandpa Peterson's birthday, even though he passed away a few years ago. It became a tradition when I was a little girl to get together at Great Grandma & Grandpa's cabin the opening weekend of the bow hunt to celebrate this special occasion. Grandpa was a pretty remarkable man. During the last 25 years of his life he gradually started to go blind but that didn't stop him from going places & doing things. One of his favorite past times was carving wooden spatulas & spoons in his wood shop. He loved working with his hands. His other passion was Monroe Mountain. At one time, Grandpa & Grandma were the third biggest land owners on that mountain. They spent most of their summers there. He died a few weeks before his 98th birthday & he is the reason we continue to celebrate his birth every year. The "whole" family looks forward to it.
This year the big bash was at my Grandma & Grandpa's cabin so I went up early to help out. The girls had a blast. Ainsley & Addison are really good at talking anybody into pushing them on the swing, taking them on a treasure hunt, & getting them a treat. They successfully did this all weekend. Uncle C.J., Uncle Blaine, & Uncle Mike were their favorite people to play with. They were permanately attatched to those three.
At one point in the day, Uncle Blaine was hiding from the girls & scaring them. They had almost all 98 family members watching them. It was soooo cute!!!!

We can't wait to go back to the cabin. It is one of my favorite places on earth & I think it is becoming one of theirs.


Stephanie said...

Hey Mist!!! I am so happy to see that you have a blog! I can't believe how stinkin cute your girls are. THey are getting so big. Can't wait to keep in touch better! Hope your doing well!

K'Brina said...

The mountains are so much fun!

I have the best family memories of time in the mountains and I hope that I can give my girls the same!

Amy Rosquist said...

Man, that looks like a blast. Cabins are fun and your girls look so happy.

jbbastian said...

Cute pictures and what a cute family! Some of my greatest memories of my grandparens were spending time at their cabin as well. Aren't you glad you have those wonderful memories to celebrate? ...Bree

Rochelle said...

Your girls are just too adorable. I see you haven't added Ainsley's song yet. I haven't gotten brave enough either :)