On Friday, January 9th my Mom, Danyette, & I were able to pull off the BigGEst, BeSTesT surprise ever!! My Mom & I flew Danyette in from Tennessee for Brittnie's Baby Shower. It was so much fun because other than the three of us, Braydan was the only person here who knew she was coming. Britt was moved to tears when she saw her. Ains & Addi were thrilled to see Aunt Danyette too. In fact, Addison would sit right next to her & hold her hand anytime she sat down. It was really sweet.
Of course I was SSSOOOOOOO EXCITED to see my sis. It had been exactly six months since she had driven away from my house to head out on this great adventure that they are on. The very first thing I noticed was how long her hair had gotten. WhoA!! Our time together was jam packed with activities. Of course Britt's Baby Shower was at the top of the list. Everything turned out so great, from the decorations to the dessert. She had tons of people come & got lots of really awesome gifts.

We were also able to get a bunch of friends together for dinner at El Mexicano (yum!). It was a ToN of FuN (that may be a bit of an understatement)!!! We had such a great time together. I can't wait until I get to see her again. Love ya Danyette!!!

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