Well it's that time of year again at Burns Saddlery, NFR (National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas). That means a few things...
1. I am officially "THE BOSS" since everyone else, & I mean everyone is in Vegas.
2. My sweet hubby is included in the "everyone" (sad, we miss him ssssoooooooo much).
3. My poor, sweet, adorable, awesome Grandma gets to spend almost every single, long, cold day couped up in her house with Ainsley & Addison (THANKS A MILLION is completely an understatement!!).
4. I am & will be a complete blogging slacker for the next couple of weeks (sorry everyone, I am just WAY too busy).
Anyways, I just thought I would give everyone a heads up & apologize beforehand for being a LAMO!!! Enjoy your pre-holiday fun & festivities. Wish me luck!!!

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Angee and Jayden Leishman said...

Your blog is so cute! Your girls are darling!!! I'm so glad we can keep up with each other's families now.