I must say that I think I have the most adorable little girls ever!! The past few days have been filled with so many of those "I'm so glad I'm a Mom" moments. For starters, Ainsley & Addison were absolutely hilarious while we were watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving morning. Anytime one of those blow up balloons would come on the screen they would squeal (yes, just like little girls) so loud. They were jumping up & down on the couch too. Braydan & I were cracking up at the expressions on their faces while they enjoyed the cheap entertainment. Then while we were at Grandma Red's for dinner, Jacy & Addison were playing so cute together. They had all of Grandma's toys scattered about building castles & pretending to be princesses. (Ains & Rylan, on the other hand, not so much. We literally had a knock down, punching, kicking, screaming, crying fight. NOT GOOD!!! Needless to say, they were both in trouble for their little display of awesome behavior.) Alivia was also adorable at Grandma's (by the way, she turned six months old on Thanksgiving day). She sat in her little high chair & talked to us the whole time. After dinner, we returned home & immediately started putting together Ainsley & Addison's Christmas tree. Again, they were so excited they were squealing with delight. I seriously could not get the tree put together & lit fast enough for them. They did such a great job at decorating their tree. I love how the majority of the ornaments are on the bottom half of the tree, so cute.

On Friday, the girls & I ran a few errands. I had to go to Country Keepsakes (our local scrapbook store) & I am still shocked at how well Ainsley & Addison behaved. They strolled straight into the "play room" & stayed in there the entire time. Not once were they loud, obnoxious, or tearing the place apart. I was & still am so proud of them! That night Braydan took me to Twilight again. I actually enjoyed the movie more the second time, probably because my expectations were a little different this time. Brayd loved it too which I was excited about. He said he will definitely go to the next three movies with me (Yay!!).

On Saturday Addison performed on Main Street with her singing group. Oh my, she looked sssoooo darn adorable & she sang Up On the Housetop so well. While waiting for her turn, she looked somewhat nervous so I didn't know if she would actually sing once she got the microphone. I was very happy that she did & she was seriously so cute. (Check out how long her dress is compared to everyone else's in her class. She totally takes after me, poor thing.)
The girls also got to sit on Santa's lap that day. They were so brave. Braydan & I found out that Ainsley would like a doll house (that is exactly what Santa brought her last year) & Addison would like a pony (hello, we already have plenty of ponies). What are two parents to do?!?
Seriously, what would life be like without little girls? I'm so grateful for mine because I just love them to bits. I'M SO GLAD I'M A MOM!!!!


Tweeb and Danyette said...

oh Addison looked so cute. I loved her hair. And as I said before, she is getting so big. It looked like quite a celebration on main street, how fun.

Linda said...

What cute girls! Ainsley looked so cute singing. She is such a cute little thing! I was sad that we missed the main street event. We were out of town. What is she asking for Christmas? I am having a hard time this year. She always asks for the same things, and I am really trying to simplify and would like to only get things we don't have a million of already. Any ideas?

Dawn Rae said...

I feel so bad I missed little Addison singing. We totally skipped the Saturday thing because we saw Santa the night before and Lexi was sick. Oh, well definately next time.

Shadoe said...

Hey this is Shadoe. I just found your blog and your family is adorable. My blog is private, but if you would like to view it send me your email address to shadoe.w@gmail.com. Don't feel you have too. I love checking in on good ole Salina. Keep in touch and good luck this week-Boss-

Heather said...

You are right. Being a mom is the best thing ever. Your girls are so cute. Addison looked cute up there singing too. See ya later

Jami said...

Hi Misty! Can we say, so dang cute!!! They are absolutely adorable!!!!You are so lucky to have those cute girls! I miss you can't wait to see you! Call me soon!!