I know what you are thinking & everyone of you can say it... SLACKER!!! I am sorry Mom (I know she is the only person who reads any of this that really cares that I have been out of the blogging world for 2 months)!!!

Well here is what we have been up to...The girls & I went to the cabin & played in the hootenanny while it rained. What is the hootenanny? It is an old, abandoned vehicle that is right down the hill from my Grandparents' cabin & has wasted away to a rusty, metal frame. I have loved that thing for a very long time & now my girls do too.We went to Fishlake on a Sunday afternoon & found our way back to Great Grandpa Dan's roots. He was 1/4 Cherokee Indian you know?
Ainsley & Addison went to Cheer Camp for two days in the blistering heat & to celebrate their hard work we all got to go to 7 Peaks. (Hey guys, why am I the only one still in my swimming suit for this pic? Not fair!) The big girls also got to dance in the 24th of July parade in Monroe. They were more than excited to ride on the big float. At the end of July Brayd took me to Las Vegas to celebrate my 30th birthday with some of our closest friends. WE HAD SSSOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! Awww, memories! I need to do that again very, very soon.

We went to Park City to hang out with Papa & Nana, do some shopping, & eat some Cold Stone ice cream. We all LOVE to shop & most of us LOVE ice cream (sorry Brayd)!Alivia played with Pat while getting a push in the swing by her big sis Ainsley. Cute!

We went to the county fair & saw bears, pigs, sheep, chickens, cows, & bunnies. We rode some carnival rides & had the biggest spicket (is that even a real, legitimate word?) of blue cotton candy we have ever seen.

We went to the Stake Ho Down, ate yummy food, & danced the night away. Fun times!Ainsley & Addison danced to my ring tones on the front lawn until the battery in my phone died. I just adore these two!!

We went to the barrel race & cheered for Aunt Destiny.

We went to Red Creek & camped with Grandpa Wayland. We rode 4 wheelers, hunted for treasure, made pipe cleaner people, watched movies, ate smores, & relaxed.

We went to Jami's & got our hair done. Addison got a trim & didn't even cry this time.Ainsley got a cut. She thinks she is so cute & I agree 100%!!

The girls & I drove up to the cabin to celebrate my Great Grandpa Peterson's birthday. We've done this every year on the opening day of the bow hunt since I can remember. Even though he is gone, it is our excuse as extended family to get together. We love it!We went camping with Jake, Tiff, Tai, & Teya. We had a ton of fun until...Alivia fell in the fire pit. She burned her chin & her left hand. SAD!! Ainsley found out that Mrs. Brown is her kindergarten teacher. We couldn't be happier. Ainsley went to kindergarten. Her first big day was Tuesday, August 25th. WOW!!! Brayd & I were so excited for her. She couldn't wait to go & she is loving every single minute of it. I took Alivia to Dr. Bennett's to get her blisters popped & scrubbed. Believe me, I DON'T RECOMMEND IT! It was the most horrible thing I have ever witnessed as a mother.As Alivia would say, "Ooouuuuch!!"

The girls & I went to Park City for a couple of days to stay in Papa & Nana's brand spanking new, gigantic, beautiful house. We had a blast exploring all the new rooms & looking at all the pretty new furniture & decorations. We've already made plans to go back. Yay!

Braydan left for good 'ol Las Vegas to do a show with Jake. Sob!!Addison started her second year of preschool on the 1st of September. She is so stinkin' cute! Alivia has been playing nonstop in the backyard with Pat. She loves that dog!!We got to go to Las Vegas with Jordan (our sweet, adorable, awesome friend/babysitter), Tiff, Tai, & Teya to see our Daddy's. We went to see the Lion's at the MGM Grand. They were sleepy though, darn!We went to the M & M factory & spent a whopping $66.00 on 3 bags of M & M's which these three are showing off for the camera.We went to FAO Schwarz & played with all the awesome toys & got some really sweet Barbies. Woohoo!! We went to the Bologio & watched the water show. Pretty! We played & played & played at the pool. We went to The Shark Reef & touched sting rays too. We had the best time!

Braydan went to Colorado in search of "the big one" & came back one week later empty handed. Shoot!

I told you we have been busy & I didn't even talk about the everyday stuff (work, school, cheer, young women's, birthday parties, lunch dates, etc., etc., etc....). Whew! When did life get to be so crazy & hectic all the time? I'd really like to know the answer to that.


The Milletts said...

Wow it really is crazy how much you can fit into such a short little widow of time! Life is good!! Great to see that things are going so good for ya!! Keep in touch!

Hone Family said...

I can't believe Ainsley is in Kindergarten... I want to cry just thinking of next year!! Looks like you guys have been having fun!

Stephanie said...

It's about time. lol I have been checking regularly for updates. lol
I noticed that you aren't the only one who got behind in the blogging ove rthe summer though. I think it just means we are all having a good time and enjoying it like we should. It was fun to see what you have been up to. Poor little Alivia's hand made me really sad though. Hope she is doing better!

Dawn Rae said...

I am glad you are back and yes I do check are care. Your poor little girl, I hope she is feeling better.

Tweeb and Danyette said...

I loved the update. The kids are getting big...especially alivia. Ainsleys hair is adorable on her. I also love the new picture of charlie. She is quite chubby...lol.