What's that, you ask? DANCE COMPETITIONS!!!

Ainsley had her very first dance competition today. She was so excited & as she said it, "I'm kinda a little nervous Mom!" I assured her that those feelings were very normal & being nervous & excited would only make her do that much better once she got on stage. She did great & she looked so dang adorable.

They were the 6th performance of the competition so the wait backstage wasn't too long. All of the girls were pretty excited to be competing, especially since N & B (her dance company) has never let this age group compete before.

Aren't they CUTE?!? Once they got on stage they waited & waited & waited & waited (seriously, at least one whole minute, maybe even two) for the music to start but they ROckEd!!! Not one of these little girls moved at all. Once the music started they were bringing down the house with their awesome moves.

They competed against one other team in their category & they took FIRST PLACE!!!! Each girl received a blue ribbon & a giant medal. You couldn't wipe the grin off Ainsley's face the entire day. You also couldn't get that GIANT medal from around her neck either which was fine with me. It was so much fun to watch Ains on stage & cheer her on. I can't wait to cheer her on again!!

I had the greatest intentions to post the video of her dance BUT I am a technology dummy! I couldn't figure it out for the life of me & my darling husband hasn't been around much to tackle the task for me. So any tips, advise on how you do this would be AWESOME!?!


Jeannie said...

Misti she is sooo cute!

Tweeb and Danyette said...

Oh my my...she looks soooo dang cute and their outfits are ADORABLE!!! We miss N&B, they really are a great dance company! I also love, love, love Alivias new side bar picture.

Jami said...

She looks so dang cute!! Isn't it crazy, they start competition that young??? What is this world coming to??? What, 5 year olds, maybe 6? That's insane, but I'm sure she does it well!!! Good job, Ains!

Bree said...

I'm glad she had fun! She is adorable and sooo sweet! Just wait until she goes to the big competitions...then you're really in for it! :)

K'Brina said...

She looks soooo pretty. How exciting...